Confidence is Key
Sup, I'm Salvi, obsessed with Miley Cyrus; I am a sophmore at Widener University, 20 years old. Failed kindergarden.. lolz (dumb blonde) I;m like, so srat, lolololol, I'm in Delta Phi Epsilon and I live in jersey.. I strive to be preppy .. or hipster its this weird thing I like to think of myself as. I like cats, Lana Del Rey, and Memes are kewl.
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when someone claims to be a fan of a band when they have heard two of their songs

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“hey im emotionally unstable and not good at texting do u wanna date me”

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whether youre a fan of lady gaga or macklemore or whoever else its people like them who fight for our generation to live in a better world and i think sometimes everyone just needs to stop and appreciate that this is happening right now and the world is actually changing for better

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when you’re trying to tell a story but your friends aren’t listening image

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